About us

DNH Law is a small boutique law firm with lawyers who can be accessed to deliver results.  From its office in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), the Firm has been helping clients – both local and international since 2009.  Our lawyers work closely with our clients to deliver quality services and innovative results in all regions of Vietnam.  Our lawyers do transactions in our client’s language.  Our focus is on learning the client’s needs, using our in-depth knowledge about the laws, regulations and customs  to work out workable solutions, and make sure that the delivery of such workable solutions are in the best interests of our clients.  Over the years we built a network of professional lawyers from Asia, Europe and the USA.  Our network capability allows our clients unique access to the same level of professional care while doing businesses with customers worldwide.

Clients value us for the quality of works we deliver, our proactive approach to issues, and the timely care we have for our clients.  Our commercial-minded lawyers focus on creating values and protect client’s interest in our practice areas: FDI, Corporate, M&A, Finance, Technology, Real Estate & Construction, Employment, and Dispute Resolutions.

Our Mission & Philosophy

We are team-drive, using our skills and knowledge built over the years from our Vietnam law practices to deliver cost-effective results to our clients, domestic and international.  As a frontier market, clients reply upon and trust us to guide them navigating through many unchartered areas of law in Vietnam since 2009 shortly after Vietnam jointed the WTO.

We strive to delivery solutions that make sense – commercially viable and practical under the law today or in the future.   

We speak the client’s language.  Our professionals understand clients’ business and requirements for our service.  

We value our clients.  We commit to meet client’s needs, and help them achieve their objectives. 

We build our practice from earning client’s trust by delivering results, communicating in client’s language effectively, and maintaining professional relationship with all parties involved. 

We build relationship with top law firms in ASEAN and other key markets (USA, EUROPE and AFRICA) where an increasing number of Vietnam companies and individuals are investing and managing their investments.  Our newest alliance firm is an ALB award-winning firm Low & Partners from Malaysia.